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PAG XXVIII will be January 11-15, 2020  - San Diego, CA, USA 
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Jan-LeachUniversity Distinguished Professor, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agriculture, Colorado State University, USA
Wed., Jan. 13 - 8:45 AM / Town & Country Ballroom

Talk Topic:  During their co-evolution with microbes in the environment, plants developed two major types of resistance: host and nonhost.  Nonhost resistance is a broad-spectrum immunity effective against microorganisms that are pathogenic to other plant species, while host resistance is only effective to certain plant pathogen strains that introduce complementary avirulence effector proteins into their hosts.  Professor Leach studies features common to both types of pathogen recognition and resistance, and how these might be exploited to stabilize crop production.

Bio: Jan Leach is a plant pathologist who studies durable disease resistance in crop plants, focusing on the roles of genes that are activated during host and nonhost resistance in rice.  Leach is a University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University, where she also serves as Associate Dean for Research in the College of Agriculture.