PAG XXVII has ended.

PAG XXVIII will be January 11-15, 2020  - San Diego, CA, USA 
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We offer various opportunities for PAG exhibitors to build name and brand awareness through various channels leading up to the show. Many can be incorporated into your exhisting print or online marketing campaigns. Opportunities such as portfolio bag inserts, website banner ads, newsletter ads, and mailing list rentals are all great ways to raise your company profile, and in conjunction with an exhibit space, offer optimum exposusure.


Portfolio Bag Inserts

Include your printed sales piece in 3,500 bags which will be distributed to each attendee at registration.


  • Exhibiting Company - $1,700
  • Non-Exhibiting Company - $2,800
  • Scientific Meeting Announcements - $800

Please note, Portfolio Bag Inserts cannot be larger than an 8 ½” x 11”. Quantity to print is 3,500. They should be shipped to the Town & Country Hotel at the address below,  MUST be received by December 31st, 2018 and need to include "PAG XXVII Bag Inserts" on the label.

Town Country Hotel
PAG XXVII Bag Inserts
500 Hotel Circle North
San Diego, CA 92108

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Registration Mail List Rental   

The Registration Mail List will be available for rent, to contracted exhibitors, the first week of December 2018. Use the mail list with your own direct mail piece to reach attendees before or after the show.

The list contains information from attendees who have given permission to receive information from our associates and exhibitors at their email addresss. No one registered as an exhibitor is included in this list.

The Pre-Registration list, which is available on or about December 1, contains approximately  2,300 names (an estimate of 60% with email addresses). The Post-Registration List, which is available after the show, (on or about Jan 15), contains approximately  3,100 names (an estimate of 60% with email addresses).

Format: MS Excel File
Delivery Method: Email

Cost: $800

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Newsletter Banner Ads 

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The PAG XXVII Newsletter provides maximum exposure to one advertiser, in each of 10 issues filled with information related to the conference. Reach this list of 8500+ past attendees and subscribers with an ad tailored to drive traffic to your booth.

  • List includes 8,500+ past attendees, early registrants, & subscribers
  • 36% open rate average
  • One exclusive banner ad per newsletter
  • 10 Issues available:
    Issue 1 - September 4
    Issue 2 - October 2
    Issue 3 - October 23
    Issue 4 - October 30
    Issue 5 - November 13
    Issue 6 - December 4
    Issue 7 - December 18
    Issue 8 - January 3
    Issue 9 - January 9
    Issue 10 - January 22 (Post Show Wrap-up)

Cost: $750/per issue

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Website Banner Ads

PAG XXVI HOMEThe PAG XXVII website is the first place attendees go when planning to visit PAG. In the months leading up to the conference, www.intlpag org receives a steady stream of visitors registering, seeking show-related info, submitting abstracts, and previewing the scientific program and exhibits.

With a total of nearly 97,000 pageviews of about 2 ½ minutes each from October through January — you’ll be in the right place, at the right time to reach this highly targeted audience, with an banner ad on the home page

  • Estimated pageviews/month: 54,000 in Oct-Dec. / 192,000 Jan.
  • Typical site visit duration: 2 min, 30 seconds
  • Approx. 45% of visitors are international
  • A max of 5 banner ads in rotation

$1,200 / Oct. - Dec.
$2,200 /Jan.

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Mailing List

mail-grey 48x48  Join Our PAG Exhibitor Mailing List

If you are interesting in discussing exhibiting at PAG or corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PAG Future Dates

2019 - PAG-XXVII - January 12-16
2020 - PAG-XXVIII - January 11-15
2021 - PAG-XXIX - January 9-13

San Diego, CA