PAG XXVII has ended.

PAG XXVIII will be January 11-15, 2020  - San Diego, CA, USA 
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Workshop Organizers

In Advance

  • Obtain a copy of the abstract, and familiarize yourself with the talk.
  • Obtain a biographical sketch of all participants.
  • Prepare a "brief" introduction for each speaker.
  • If speakers have handouts, arrange for someone at the session to help distribute them at the appropriate time.

At the Meeting

Before Session Begins

  • Be in the room 10 minutes prior to when the session starts.
  • Check the condition of the room, especially lights, microphone, slide projector, overhead projector, etc.
  • Know where the lights are, and how to operate them.
  • Check that all of your speakers are present.
  • Introduce yourself to the speakers in your session.
  • Check speakers' names (pronunciation), titles, and affiliations.
  • Explain to the speakers how much time they have to speak.
  • Explain to the speakers that you will either stand, or hold up a card indicating when their time is up.
  • Ask your speakers to please comply with the time constraints.

During the session

  • Start on time.
  • Take charge of the time (it is your responsibility!).
  • Keep introductions brief.
  • Suggest that all speakers use the microphone.
  • Make sure that speakers do not block the screen when presenting slides or overheads.
  • Hold each speaker to the time allotted, and remind speakers about remaining time (5 minute and 1 minute warnings).

Presentation Tips

  • If a speaker ends early, use that extra time for questions and comments from the audience.
  • Do not start the next talk until the appropriate time (this is especially important since there will be parallel workshop sessions).
  • In floor discussions or questions, keep questions and comments brief.
  • Restate the question -  they often cannot be heard by all the audience.
  • End on time - Urge the audience to continue their discussion elsewhere, such as in the hallways or at the coffee break.



In Advance

  • Send a brief biographical sketch to your session chair.
  • Send any handouts you would like distributed.

Presentation Tips

  • Make sure all powerpoint slides are readable.
  • Very small font is not recommended.
  • Prepare your talk for the appropriate time allotted.

At the Meeting

  • Upload your presentation media files 24 hrs in advance in the Speaker Ready Room, Terrace Salon 2.
  • Arrive in the appropriate room for your talk at least 10 minutes early.
  • Introduce yourself to the chair, make sure the chair has the information for your introduction.
  • Check that the appropriate equipment you require for your presentation is present in the room.
  • Stay aware of the time allotted for your talk.
  • Speak slowly and clearly, and loud enough to be hear in the back of the room.
  • Stay for the entire session (before and after your talk), as there may be questions pertaining to your presentation at the end of the session.


PAG Future Dates

2019 - PAG-XXVII - January 12-16
2020 - PAG-XXVIII - January 11-15
2021 - PAG-XXIX - January 9-13

San Diego, CA

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