We are pleased to announce the 2013 winners of the travel grants below. We have not yet received the results of all awards, and will post them here as we receive them.


Neal A. Jorgenson Travel Award Winners

Benjamin Bragdon Green, University of Vermont
Abstract Title: Individual variation in the bovine dermal fibroblast methylome and its potential role in modifying the innate immune response
Juan Reyes, University of California

Abstract Title:  Deciphering regulation of transcript abundance in maturing bovine oocytes

E. Ann Staiger, Cornell University
Abstract Title: Fine-mapping of loci contributing to sarcoid tumor development in horses

Yvonne M. Badke, Michigan State University
Abstract Title: Accuracy of genotype imputation using the GeneSeek Genomic Profiler for Porcine LD
Xiang Zhou, Washington State University

Abstract Title:  Molecular characterization of porcine S100A6 for its antiviral function against PRRS
Huiyu Wang , University of Georgia
Abstract Title: Genome-wide Association Mapping Using Single-step GBLUP

Michael Gonzalez, Washington State University
Abstract Title:  Identification and Characterization of a genome wide significant region associated with red blood cell phenotypes in domesticated genotypes.

Pablo Daniel Reeb, Michigan State University
Abstract Title:  Using plasmode datasets to compare statistical method for RNA-seq analysis

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