International Plant & Animal Genome XXIX  /  January 8-12, 2022  •  San Diego, CA, USA

We are pleased to announce the 2016 winners of the travel grants. The awards were be announced and distributed at the Closing Banquet on Wednesday night of the conference.

Applications and information regarding PAG XXV grants (for the 2017 meeting) will be online September 1, 2016. 


Neal A. Jorgenson Genome Travel Awards


Michelle Halsted
University of California, Davis, USA
Abstract: Ab initio identification of transcription start sites in the bovine genome

Sara Nilson
University of Nebraska, USA
Abstract: Whole transcriptome sequencing analyses of beef calves persistently infected by bovine viral diarrhea virus


Jeremy Howard
North Carolina State University, USA
Abstract: Whole genome transciptome co-expression network analysis identifies pharmacogenetic variation in individual, breed and gender drug metabolism


Elaine Norton 
Univesity of Minnestoa, USA
Abstract title: Identification of genetic loci underlying equine metabolic syndrome and laminitis risk in Welsh ponies and Morgan horses


Asher Haug-Baltzell   
University of Arizona, USA
Abstract: High-Performance and Complex Data Visualization for Genomics Data


Alisha Massa
Washington State University, USA
Abstract title: Fine mapping a sheep genomic locus involved in viral restriction of ovine lentivirus

Angelica Van Goor
Iowa State University, USA
Abstract Title: Unique genetic responses revealed in RNA-seq from the spleen of chickens stimulated with lipopolysaccharide and heat


Michael D. Gale Travel Grant Award

Robert J. Vickerstaff
East Malling Research, UK
Abstract Title: CrossLInk: Genetic Mapping Software for Outbreeding Species


Jerome P. Miksche Travel Grant Award

Elisa Bellucci
Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy
Abstract title: Development And Characterization Of A Common Bean Segregant Population For Domestication Traits Analyses And Breeding Purposes


Earl J. Scherago Travel Grant Award

Millicent Sanciangco 
International Rice Research Institute, Phillipines
Abstract Title: New Discoveries From Old Data: Exploiting The World's Largest Collection Of Sequenced Germplasm Through GWAS



Scherago International Student Travel Grants Awards

Plant (3)

Estefania Elorriaga
Oregon State University, USA
Abstract Title: Asexual gene drive in Populus?  Results from CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis of floral genes for genetic containment

Justine Sucher

University of Zurich, Switzerland
Abstract Title: The functional transfer of the wheat gene Lr34 into rice and its resistance agaisnt rice blast

Arpita Konar

University of Notre Dame, USA
Abstract Title: A high density genetic linkage map for northern red oak (Quercus rubra L)

Animal (2)

Joana Daniela Mendes Damas
The Royal Veterinary College, UK
Abstract Title: A Novel Hybrid Approach For Drafting Chromosome-level Genome Assemblies Applied To Avian Genomes

Minique Hilda de Castro 
Agricultural Research Council, South Africa
Abstract Title: Sialotranscriptomics of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Male and Female Ticks



Aquaculture Species Group Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Bursaries

Breno O. Fragomeni
University of Georgia, USA
Abstract: Weighted ssGBLUP Improves Genomic Selection Accuracy for Survival in a Rainbow Trout Population
Rafet Al-Tobasei
Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Abstract: Allelic-imbalance analysis in pooled RNA-Seq samples identifies muscle-associated genetic markers in Rainbow trout: Improved bioinformatics practices

Xiaozhu Wang
Auburn University, USA
Abstract: A genome-wide association study for low oxygen tolerance in catfish using the 250K SNP array

Bam Dev Paneru
Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Abstract: Role of long non-coding RNAs in bacterial cold water disease pathogenesis in rainbow trout

Hsinyuan Tsai
The Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh, UK
Abstract: Genomic prediction of host resistance to sea lice (L. salmonis) in Atlantic salmon (S. salar)








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