The Plant and Animal Genome Conference (PAG) XXIX is Cancelled.

Last Name First Name Affiliation Year Meeting
Abecasis Gonaclo University of Michigan 2013 PAG
Aguzzi Adriano University Hosiptal of Zurich 2003 PAG
Aiden Erez Lieberman  Baylor College of Medicine  2016 PAG
Andersson Leif Uppsala Biomedical Center 2000 PAG
Ashburner Michael EMBL, European Bio Inst 2008 PAG
Aviezer David Protalix 2009 PAG
Baldwin Ian Max Planck Inst for chem Eco 2007 PAG
Bartel David MIT 2007 PAG
Baulcombe David John Innes Institute 2008 PAG
Baulcombe David John Innes Centre 2001 PAG
Beachy Roger USDA/NIFA 2011 PAG
Bellgard Matthew Australian Bioinformatics Facility (ABF) 2014 PAG Asia
Bigwood Douglas Bayer Corporation 2001 PAG
Birney Ewan European Bioinformatics Inst 2009 PAG
Blundell Tom University of Cambridge 2002 PAG
Bobo Jack Futurity Food 2020 PAG
Boettcher Paul Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,  2019 PAG Asia
Bordenstein Seth Vanderbilt University 2017 PAG
Borrill Philippa  John Innes Centre 2018 PAG Asia
Bosdet Ian BC Cancer Agency 2003 PAG
Bourne Phil National Institutes of Health (NIH) 2015 PAG
Briggs Steve UC San Diego 2009 PAG
Brown Steve MRC 2002 PAG
Buckler Edward   Cornell University 2018 PAG
Bustamente Carlos Stanford University 2012 PAG
Butler  John NIST 2014 PAG
Cam Maggie NIH/NIDDK 2005 PAG
Cao XiaoFeng  Chinese Academy of Sciences 2015 PAG Asia
Chandler Vicki University of Arizona 2010 PAG
Chase Mark Royal Botanic Gardens 2000 PAG
Chen Xuewei Sichuan Agricultural University 2019 PAG Asia
Cho Seoae C&K Genomics 2016 PAG Asia
Choi Doil Seoul National University 2018 PAG Asia
Chory Joanne Salk Intitute 2010 PAG
Chourrout Dainiel Sars Inter Ctr  Univ of Bergen 2013 PAG
Church George Harvard 2009 PAG
Clark Andrew Cornell Unversity 2009 PAG
Cockett Noelle Utah State University 2000 PAG
Cooper Alan University of Adelaide 2016 PAG Asia
Cooper Alan University of Adelaide 2017 PAG
Cooper Kimberly University of California 2020 PAG
Coruzzi  Gloria NYU Center for Genomics & Systems Biology 2018 PAG
Coupland George Max Planck Institute 2002 PAG
Dangl Jeff UNC - Chapel Hill 2001 PAG
Darvasi Ariel Hebrew University 2006 PAG
Dean Caroline John Innes 2014 PAG
DeNise Sue MMI Genomics 2003 PAG
Dong   Liang  Iowa State University 2018 PAG
Dubcovsky Jorge University of California  2016 PAG
Ecker Joe Salk Intitute 2011 PAG
Eichler Evan Washington University 2010 PAG
Eisen Michael Univ of California Berkeley                                          2013 PAG
Eric Green NIH  2014 PAG
Evanega  Sarah Davidson Cornell University 2020 PAG
Ewan Birney EBI 2014 PAG
Feuillet Catherine University of Zurich 2001 PAG
Fincher Geoff ARC Ctr of Excellence 2012 PAG
Fire Andrew Carnegie Inst. Of Washington 2004 PAG
Flavell Richard Ceres, Inc 2005 PAG
Flavell Richard Ceres, Inc 2001 PAG
Fraley Robb Monsanto 2010 PAG
Franklin Ian CSIRO 2002 PAG
Fraser Claire University of Maryland School of Medicine  2017 PAG
Gaasterland Terry Rockfeller University 2001 PAG
Galbraith David University of Arizona 2002 PAG
Garrick Dorian Iowa State University 2014 PAG Asia
Gaut Brandon UC Irvine 2000 PAG
Georges Michel University of Liege 2000 PAG
Goddard Mike University of Melbourne 2015 PAG
Goff Stephen Syngenta 2002 PAG
Graves Jenny La Trobe University 2014 PAG Asia
Green Ed UC Santa Cruz 2011 PAG
Green Eric NIH 2002 PAG
Green Pamela Michigan State University 2000 PAG
Greenspan Ralph The Neurosciences Institute 2002 PAG
Han Bin Beijing Institute of Genomics 2013 PAG Asia
Han Jae Yong  The Institute of Animal Science and Technology 2015 PAG Asia
Han Bin National Center for Gene Research 2019 PAG
Hanash Samir Univ. Of Michigan 2004 PAG
Harris Matt Harvard Medical School 2016 PAG Asia
Hayes Ben The University of Queensland 2018 PAG Asia
Hickey John Edinburgh University 2019 PAG
Hill David Harvard 2006 PAG
Hood Lee Institue for System Biology 2009 PAG
Hood Lee Institute for System Biology 2012 PAG
Horsch Rob Gates Foundation 2009 PAG
Horvath Steve UCLA 2008 PAG
Houston Ross The Roslin Institute 2017 PAG Asia
Hunter Peter Univerity of Auckland 2007 PAG
Ideker Trey UC San Diego 2015 PAG
Iwata Hiroyoshi The University of Tokyo 2018 PAG Asia
Izawa Takeshi  The University of Tokyo 2019 PAG Asia
Jacob Howard Medical College of Wisconsin 2010 PAG
Jacobson Steve UCLA 2008 PAG
Jacobson Steve University of California 2013 PAG
Jarvis Erich Duke University Medical Center 2016 PAG
Johnson Rebecca  Australian Museum Research Institute 2017 PAG
Johnson Alexander  The University of Melbourne 2017 PAG Asia
Jones Jonatthan John Innes Centre 2004 PAG
Jorgensen Rich University of Arizona 2001 PAG
Kennedy Scott Black Valley Films 2017 PAG
Kerr Elizabeth Affymetrix 2000 PAG
Kim Kwan-Suk Chungbuk National University 2014 PAG Asia
Kim Jin-Soo Center for Genome Engineering 2017 PAG Asia
King Julie University of Nottingham 2019 PAG
Koorneef Maarten Wageningen Univ. 2004 PAG
Lagudah Evans  CSIRO Plant Industry 2015 PAG Asia
Lamb Chris John Innes Centre 2005 PAG
Langridge Peter Univ. Of Adelaide 2004 PAG
Langridge Peter Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics  2014 PAG Asia
Larson Greger Durham University 2013 PAG
Leach Jan Colorado State University  2016 PAG
Lee Suk-Ha Seoul National University 2016 PAG Asia
Lewin Harris University of Illinois 2001 PAG
Li Xinyun Huazhong Agricultural University 2017 PAG Asia
Lindblad Kirsten Harvard/MIT Broad Institue 2007 PAG
Lipman David NIH/NLM/NCBI 2011 PAG
Lipman Zach Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2020 PAG
Lipschultz Robert Affymetrix 2000 PAG
Littlejohn Matt Sequencing, LIC 2015 PAG Asia
Lok Si Chinese University of Hong Kong 2013 PAG Asia
Long Sharon Stanford University 2011 PAG
Loveland Jane EMBL-EBI 2019 PAG Asia
Luo Jie Huazhong Agricultural University 2016 PAG Asia
Lynch Michael Indiana University 2011 PAG
Mackay Trudy North Carolina 2014 PAG
Mardis  Elaine Washington University 2014 PAG
Martienssen robert Cold Spring Harbor Labs 2006 PAG
Martienssen Rob Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2017 PAG
Martienssen Rob Cold Spring Harbor Labs 2000 PAG
Masahiro Yano NARO Institute of Crop Science 2014 PAG Asia
McCouch Susan Cornell Unversity 2008 PAG
McCouch Susan Cornell Unversity 2012 PAG
McCouch Susan Cornell University 2013 PAG Asia
Mercier     Raphael  Max Planck Institute 2020 PAG
Meyerowitz Elliot CalTech 2004 PAG
Michelmore Richard UC Davis 2002 PAG
Miller Guy Galileo Labs 2000 PAG
Mitchell-Olds Tom Duke University 2017 PAG
Mitchell-Olds Thomas Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology 2003 PAG
Mohapatra Trilochan  Central Rice Research Institute 2014 PAG Asia
Moore Graham John Innes Center 2013 PAG Asia
Moore Graham John Innes Centre 2016 PAG Asia
Morgante Michele University Di Udine 2013 PAG
Muchlbauer Gary University of Minnsesota 2013 PAG
Naqvi Naweed  Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory  2013 PAG Asia
Olyroyd Giles John Innes Centre 2015 PAG
Omenn Gilbert University of Michigan 2008 PAG
Orban Laszlo Temasek Life Sciences 2013 PAG Asia
Ostell James NIH/NLM/NCBI  2016 PAG
Pallsson Bernhard University of California 2006 PAG
Patrinos Ari DOE Genomics 2006 PAG
Perakslis Eric US Food & Drug Admin 2013 PAG
Piferrer  Francesc  Institute of Marine Sciences 2017 PAG Asia
Pritchard Jonathan  Stanford University 2019 PAG
Quackenbush John Dana-Farber Cancer Institute  2016 PAG
Quake Stephen Stanford University 2012 PAG
Raven Peter Missouri Botanical Garden 2010 PAG
Relman David Stanford University 2002 PAG
Rieseberg Loren University of British Columbia 2012 PAG
Roberts Richard New England Biolabs 2005 PAG
Rodi Charlie Sequenom Inc 2000 PAG
Ronald Pam University of California 2011 PAG
Rothschild Max Iowa State University 2013 PAG Asia
Rothschild Max Iowa State University  2017 PAG Asia
Rubin Eddy Joint Genome Institue 2008 PAG
Rubin Edward   LBNL at UC Berkely 2000 PAG
Sambanthamurthi Ravigadevi  Malaysian Palm Oil Board 2014 PAG Asia
Sasaki Takuji National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences 2003 PAG
Sayres Melissa A. Wilson Arizona State University 2018 PAG
Schadt Eric Pacific Biosciences 2010 PAG
Schilze-Lefert Paul Max Planck Institute 2003 PAG
Schulze-Lefert Paul The Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding 2019 PAG
Shapiro Beth University of California, Santa Cruz 2015 PAG
Shendure Jay University of Washington/HHMI 2018 PAG
Sjolander Kimmen UC Berkeley 2006 PAG
Stein Lincoln Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2001 PAG
Stone Anna Arizona State University 2020 PAG
Stubbs Lisa Lawrence Livermore National Lab 2003 PAG
Talbot William Stanford University 2000 PAG
Tingey Scott DuPont Company 2004 PAG
Tingey Scott Dupont 2001 PAG
Tuskan Jerry Oak Ridge National Lab 2007 PAG
Valent Barbera Kansas State University 2019 PAG
Van Eenennaam Allison University of California, Davis  2016 PAG
Varshney Rajeev K.  ICRISAT 2015 PAG Asia
Wade Claire University of Sydney 2014 PAG Asia
Walbot Virgina Stanford University 2002 PAG
Wang Jun BGI 2013 PAG Asia
Wang Yanfang Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 2018 PAG Asia
Ware Doreen Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 2018 PAG
Warinner Christina University of Oklahoma 2015 PAG
Warren Wes Washington University 2004 PAG
Waterston Bob Washington University 2002 PAG
Weigel Detlef Max Planck Inst for chem Eco 2007 PAG
Wendel Jonathan Lowa State University 2009 PAG
Wessler Sue UC - Riverside  2014 PAG
Whitelaw Bruce The Roslin Institute 2018 PAG
Willerslev   Eske Lundbeck Foundation GeoGenetics Centre 2020 PAG
Williams Robert University of Tennesse  2012 PAG
Wincker Patrick Genoscope  2014 PAG
Wing Rod A. Arizona Genomics Institute 2015 PAG Asia
Winzeler Elizabeth University of California San Diego 2019 PAG
Xu Xun BGI 2018 PAG Asia
Xuemei Chen University of California Riverside 2015 PAG
Yang Tae-Jin  Seoul National University 2015 PAG Asia
Yang Ning China Agricultural University 2019 PAG Asia
Yano Masahiro National Institue of Ag 2005 PAG
Yates John Scripps Research Inst. 2004 PAG
Zamir Dani The Hebrew University 2000 PAG
Zhang Dabing Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2015 PAG Asia
Zhao Shuhong Huazhong Agricultural University 2015 PAG Asia
Zhao Yaofeng China Agricultural University 2019 PAG Asia

 updated 08-31-2020