Town and Country updated map 2021As part of the 80 million renovation of the Town an Country Resort and Conference Center, nearly every corner has been refreshed in some manner. This includes the room names for most of our workshop sessions, plenary talks, and exhibits.

Please see the chart below for updated names, or download the pdf and map below.

pdfNew Room Names

pdfTown & Country Updated Map


Previous Name New Name
Grand Hall Golden State Ballroom
Grand Hall Foyer Golden State Foyer
West 5 Golden State Boardroom
Atlas Ballroom Town & Country Ballroom
Town & Country Town & Country A
San Diego Town & Country B
Golden West Town & Country C
California Town & Country D
Atlas Foyer Town & Country Foyer
West 3 California 1
West 2 California 2
West 4 California 3
West 6 California 4
Royal Palm Ballroom Palm Ballroom
Royal Palm Salon 1 Palm Room 1
Royal Palm Salon 2 Palm Room 2
Royal Palm Salon 3 Palm Room 3
Royal Palm Salon 4 Palm Room 4
Royal Palm Salon 5 Palm Room 5
Royal Palm Salon 6 Palm Room 6
East 1 Palm Room 7
East 2 Palm Room 8
Terrace Salon 1 Sunset 1
Terrace Salon 2 Sunset 2
Terrace Salon 3 Sunset 3
Terrace 1-3 Sunset 1-3
West 1 Sunset 4
Golden Pacific Ballroom Pacific Ballroom
Golden Ballroom Pacific A
Pacific Ballroom Pacific B
Pacific 1 Pacific C
Pacific 2 Pacific D
Pacific 3 Pacific E
Pacific 4 Pacific F
Pacific 5 Pacific G
Pacific 6 Pacific H
Pacific 7 Pacific I
Pacific 4&5 Pacific F&G
Pacific 6&7 Pacific H&I
Golden Pacific Foyer Pacific Foyer
Skyview 2 Skyview 1
Skyview 3 Skyview 2
Lion Fountain Court Flamingo Lawn
Lower Level Exhibit Hall Lower Level Exhibit Hall

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