PAG 2020 190 sm 1Designed to assist novice conference attendees, students, and early career scientists, mentees will be matched with an experienced scientist to help them navigate the conference, network with those in their field of study, and provide awareness of job opportunities.

The mentor-mentee match will be primarily based on the area of research and the geographic location/time zone of participants. PAG will solicit applications and match participants, provide guidance and recognition onsite at the conference, and provide a time/place for a meetup session. 

See below for eligibility information and application procedure.

Note: Every effort will be made to match mentees with an appropriate mentor. However, due to the availability of participants, we are unable to guarantee this.

Submission Deadline is November 8

Information for PAG Mentors

A PAGmentor is generally a more-experienced scientist who passes on their knowledge, tips and skills to a less-experienced scientist or student. This program gives mentors the opportunity to connect with enthusiastic young scientists and other like-minded mentors. PAG Mentors will gain valuable skills in cross-cultural communication, group facilitation and networking with the next generation of scientists, while helping the scientific community.


  • You must be registered to attend PAG 30
  • You must have attended at least three PAG meetings since 2015
  • You must be attending PAG through Tuesday 

As Mentors, you will be encouraged to:

  • Be available to connect with your First-timer at least one week before the meeting (via phone or zoom) to become familiar with the individual, learn about their goals, convey some helpful hints, etc.
  • Meet your First-timer at the conference meetup session, to answer any questions and/or discuss conference experiences
  • Introduce your First-timer to your colleagues at the conference


Information for First-Timers

Navigating an international science meeting comes with challenges and expectations. The PAG Mentor Program provides an informal process to support early career scientists with navigating the conference, discussing career paths, and meeting more experienced scientists.


  • You must be registered to attend PAG 30
  • This should be your first time attending a PAG meeting

As First-timer, you will be encouraged to:

  • Contact your PAG Mentor at least one week before the meeting to discuss your goals for the meeting, ask logistical questions, etc.
  • Meet your PAG Mentor at the conference meetup session, to discuss any questions and/or conference experiences
  • Respect the time your PAG Mentor has dedicated for you

Recognition and On-site Events

Participants in the program will be recognized in the Plenary slideshow slides which are also run at the start of workshop sessions, and at the Final Banquet. Additional recognition will be provided to identify program participants.

There will be meetup session onsite at the conference for Mentors and Mentees to meet and network with others in the program.

A few tables will be set aside near the front of the room at the Final Banquet for those in the program who wish to sit together. (A sign-up for this will be provided at the meetup session)


Application Procedure

PAG 30 attendees who wish to participate in this program need to fill out the appropriate online application, and the PAG Mentor Program committee will match PAG Mentor Applicants with First-timers. Accpted and matched program participants will be notified by Dec. 1.

PAG Mentor Program Application Form for Mentors

PAG Mentor Program Application Form for First-timers (Seeking a Mentor)


Important Dates & Deadlines

Call for Applications Opens September 27
Submission Deadline  December 1
Participant Notification of Acceptance  December  27


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PAG30 mentor program
Do you know someone who would be a great PAG Mentor? Please feel free to share this page with them, and encourage them to apply to the program.

Do you know someone who is planning to attend their first PAG conference and might benefit from some assistance navigating the meeting? Please share this page, and also encourage them to join our mailing list for First-Timers, if they haven't yet registered, so they will receive our  emails regarding this program.

You can also download the PAG Mentor Program pdf, which you are free to distribute among your colleagues and friends.

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