sync solid1How to Sync Your Custom PAG Itinerary Across Multiple Devices


Desktop Computer Instructions

Start by going pointing your browser to from your desktop computer.

1. Select the Login button, and create a FollowMe account.

2. Next,select the the Scientific Program button to browse sessions (ie, workshops and events), and click on the calendar icon to add an item to your planner. You can click on the calendar icon to the left of the workshop or name, or click on the workshop name and click on an icon to add individual presentations.

You will notice once you add a session, the calendar icon will turn to a bookmark icon.

If there are abstracts associated with the session, you can add them to your planner by clicking on the star icon.

Select the My Planner button at left, to view the items you have added. (Click the tabs at the top to filter the items).

3. When you are ready to sync your schedule to the mobile app, open the mobile app and select Settings ( the gears icon in the upper right corner, next to the app refresh button.)

4. Select Multi Device Sync and type in your credentials. Select Additional Device to sync with another device (Note: your First Device is the device you set up the account on.)

5. Your schedule will then sync from the desktop planner to the app, and vice versa.


Mobile App Instructions

You can also start the process on your mobile app by going to the Scientific Program to add items to your schedule (click on the star) then hit the refresh button (top right) to upload your selections. You can then view them on the desktop version or sync to another device ("Additional Device").