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PAG Conference Attendee Conduct Policy

PAG's Conference Attendee Conduct Policy applies to all PAG-sponsored events. The PAG Conference conducts a meeting that is welcoming, respectful, inclusive, and collaborative.

All PAG Conference Attendees Must Comply with the PAG Conference Attendee Conduct Policy.

The PAG Conference is among the most respected scientific meeting in the world. PAG offers scientific professionals a legitimate platform to present, publish, discuss, and exhibit the most exciting research discoveries and technologies in genomics and its related disciplines. Furthermore, PAG facilitates networking opportunities and provides organizations with opportunities to exhibit products and services to targeted audiences.

PAG expects its meeting attendees to display the highest qualities of personal and professional integrity in all aspects of their PAG related activities. Indeed, every genomics professional has obligations to the public, staff colleagues, and to science.

Accordingly, and to foster a positive environment built upon a foundation of trust, respect, open communications, and ethical behavior, the PAG Organizing Committee has issued this Conduct Policy. It applies to all individuals conducting the business and affairs of PAG without compensation for that conduct. Meeting attendees should at all times abide by this Conduct Policy.


  1. Conference attendees should contribute to a collegial, inclusive, positive, and respectful environment for their fellow volunteers and attendees, as well as for other stakeholders, including meeting vendors and PAG staff.

  2. Conference attendees must avoid taking any inappropriate actions based on race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, political affiliation, presence of disabilities, or educational background. They should show consistent respect to colleagues, regardless of the level of their formal education and whether they are from industry, government or academia, or other scientific and engineering disciplines.

  3. Conference attendees should interact with others in a cooperative and respectful manner. Meeting attendees should refrain from using insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive language in their PAG interactions. Disruptive, harassing, or inappropriate behavior toward other attendees, stakeholders, or staff is unacceptable. Personal boundaries set by others must be observed. Harassment of any kind, including but not limited to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical harassment will not be tolerated.

  4. Conference attendees should only use PAGs trademarks, insignia, name, logos, and other intellectual property in compliance with PAG regulations and directives as may be issued from time to time.

  5. In the event a dispute occurs, the matter will be investigated and referred to a select committee of the Organizing Committee to determine the proper course of action.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Definition of Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature; this type of behavior debilitates morale and interferes with effective discourse, and therefore will not be tolerated. When unwelcome, behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment include, but are not limited to: sexual flirtations, advances, or propositions; verbal comments or physical actions of a sexual nature; sexually degrading words used to describe an individual; a display of sexually suggestive objects or pictures; sexually explicit jokes; and unnecessary touching. Behavior that is acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to another, so one must use discretion to ensure that words and actions communicate respect for others. This is especially important for those in positions of seniority, as those in more junior positions may be reluctant to express their objections or discomfort regarding unwelcome behavior.

Definition of Other Harassment and Unacceptable Behavior
Harassment on the basis of any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. Harassment refers to behavior that is not welcome or is personally offensive, including but not limited to: epithets, slurs, or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating, or hostile acts; denigrating jokes; display or circulation of written graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion towards an individual or group. Harassment intended in a joking manner still constitutes unacceptable behavior. Furthermore, disrespectful disruption of presentations and other meeting activities will not be tolerated.

Reporting an Incident of Harassment
If you experience or observe harassment, we recommend that you write down the details as soon as possible, in as much detail as possible, to help you to recall specific events in the future. If you believe you have experienced or observed harassment, notify PAG management by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., come to the onsite show management office, or by contacting one of the PAG Onsite Staff or Organizing Committee members. The person experiencing harassment is not required to discuss the incident with the offending party, unless they feel comfortable doing so. If you feel unsafe or threatened, use a venue phone to ask for security; if the circumstances warrant it, call 911 for medical or police assistance. All complaints will be treated seriously, and addressed promptly and appropriately. Confidentiality will be maintained to the extent that it does not compromise the rights of others or the need to conduct an adequate investigation and to the extent allowed by law.


PAG 31 Archives

Thank you to all who attended PAG 31!

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