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Assignment Of Exhibit Space

Exhibit space will be assigned based on support level, history and then on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date upon which the application and deposit are received. Points system is based on exhibit activity from prior years exhibited up to 2024. Exhibitors committing to a sponsorship of $5,000 or more at PAG 32 (excluding the booth and industry workshop costs) will be assigned ahead of the points list. Sponsorship commitments MUST be confirmed prior to October 1 to get priority booth assignment.

Exhibit space assignment begins the week of October 2, 2024. NO assignments will be made without a deposit and completed application. The cost of each exhibit space is $4,400 per 10 x 10 space. There is NO discount for purchasing multiple booths. A 50% deposit of $2,200 per booth is required at the time you complete your online booth application. After October 1, the full amount of the space is due when submitting your online application.

Exhibit management reserves the right to relocate space assigned to the exhibitor. Relocations will be made only if deemed necessary in the exhibitor’s best interest and upon notification to the exhibitor by Exhibit Management.



Each exhibiting company will receive a confirmation letter, separate invoice, and an exhibitor service kit. The confirmation letter will contain general information about the exhibition and most importantly your assigned booth number. This will be the only document you will receive with your assigned booth number. The invoice will specify the total cost of the booth space, deposit received, and the balance due.  Final payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. The exhibitor service kit will contain all the necessary forms and information for conducting your exhibit.


Exhibitor Registration/Housing

Each exhibitor  is allowed four (4) exhibitor badges per booth. Additional badges can be purchased for $500 each. Exhibitors can pre- register their personnel by submitting the names on the exhibitor registration form, sent under separate cover.  Badges can be picked up at the exhibitor registration desk.

Exhibitors are entitled to attend the full scientific program and all food functions including the dinner on Wednesday evening, January 15.

On-site registration will open Friday January 10, 2024 at 8:00 am and will continue through set-up and exhibit hours.  All company representatives will be required to wear badges while in the exhibition area.

Exhibitor housing will be handled by the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center, 500 Hotel Circle Rd North, San Diego, CA 92108. Reservations can be made online at the PAG website: or by contacting the Hotel directly at 619-291-7131.


Credit Cards

We accept most major credit cards as a method of payment for booth space and sponsorship items.

There is a fee of 3% applied to the total transaction amount. The fee will be charged at the time transaction is completed. You will no longer receive a separate invoice for the credit card fee. Paying by credit card is OPTIONAL. We continue to accept checks and wire transfers. Method of payment has no impact on booth selection as long as your 50% is paid by October 1. No booths will be assigned to a company without a 50% deposit per booth of $2,200.

Booth Information

The cost of the exhibit space includes, draping for the back and side walls, a standard 7” x 44” sign with company name and booth number, janitorial service for the aisles of the exhibit area, 24-hour security of the exhibit area and a product description listing in the Exhibit Guide.

All booths are 10 x 10 and each exhibit must conform to the standards set by Exhibit Management. Backgrounds must not exceed 8’ in height beyond back 5’ of the exhibit space or 36” in height along the side rails to avoid obstructing views of other exhibits.

Exposed, unfinished sides of the exhibit must be draped. Exhibitors will be notified of any infractions of the exhibit rules. In the event the exhibitor is not present, the decorator, with approval of Exhibit Management, will provide the required draping and submit charges to the exhibitor.


Conducting Exhibits

All exhibits must conform to the standards set by Exhibit Management which are as follows:

  • No combustible decorating shall be used.
  • Use of volatile flammable liquids, gases, or solids must be approved by the Fire Marshall and must be kept in safety containers.
  • Any part of exhibit or signs cannot be pasted, nailed or otherwise affixed to walls, doors, etc.
  • Contests or giveaways require approval from Exhibit Management.
  • Subletting or sharing of exhibit space is prohibited.\
  • For tax purposes, the conference cannot permit completed sales of merchandise on the exhibit floor.
  • Demonstrations are permitted in the booth. Should they result in aisle congestion, you will be asked to control the crowd.


Space Cancellation

Any company cancelling their exhibit space on or before October 15 is entitled to a full refund. Companies cancelling after October 15 but before December 2 forfeit their 50% deposit. On or after December 2 the full cost of the exhibit space is due.



In order to conform to union contract rules and regulations, it will be necessary for all exhibitors to use qualified union personnel for the various services required for installation and dismantling of exhibits and material handling within the show. Charges for this labor will be billed directly to each exhibitor by GES, the official conference decorator. Overtime is before 8:00am and after 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.



All services will be handled by GES, the conference decorator. To insure prompt handling of requests for furniture, carpeting, etc., a complete exhibitors’ service kit will be forwarded to each exhibitor.



Do NOT send displays and show merchandise to the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center prior to December 31, 2024. Shipments will be received by GES for storage up to 30 days prior to the meeting. Crates will be delivered to the exhibitor’s booth, removed and returned for repacking. Complete details regarding rates and shipping instructions will be included in the exhibitors’ service kit.



Each exhibitor agrees to protect, save and keep the Plant & Animal Genome Conference, Scherago International and the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center forever harmless from any damage or charges imposed or violation of any law or ordinance whether occasioned by the negligence of the exhibitor or those representing the exhibitor, as well as to strictly comply with applicable terms and conditions contained in the agreement between the Plant & Animal Genome Conference, Scherago International and the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center regarding the exhibition premises.  Exhibitors shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless the Plant & Animal Genome Conference, Scherago International and the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center against any and all loss, cost damage, liability, or expense arising from, any accident or other occurrence to anyone, including the exhibitor, its employees and business guests which arise from said exhibitor’s occupancy and use of the exhibition premises or part thereof.



Security for the exhibit will be provided by the Plant & Animal Genome Conference, but does not guarantee or insure the exhibitor against loss. The Plant & Animal Genome Conference, Scherago International and the Town & Country Resort and Conference Center will not be responsible for an exhibitor’s loss or damage of any kind. Exhibitors desiring to carry insurance on their exhibits may do so at their own expense. All property destroyed or damaged by an exhibitor must be replaced in the original condition at the exhibitors expense.


Contractual Agreement

All of the above Rules and Regulations are to be considered as part of the exhibit space contract.  It is agreed, that by signing the contract, the exhibitor will abide by the Rules and Regulations cited above before, during and after the exhibit. In the event of a dispute, it is agreed that the dispute will be referred to Exhibit Management and its decision will be final.


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