International Plant & Animal Genome Conference / PAG 32 • January 10-15, 2025  •  San Diego, CA, USA

The Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG) will continue the momentum generated from the past 29 PAG meetings, and will bring together the leading genetic scientists and researchers involved in plant and animal research and related areas. With typically 62 countries represented, the Plant & Animal Genome Conference provides an established forum for the exchange of information internationally as well as domestically.

Who Attends?

PAG continues to grow, with a total attendance of 3,557 in 2020 The largest population of registrations tend to be from an Academic background (66%), with Industry (22%) and Government (12%) sectors comprising the remainder.

There were a total of 2,466 registered attendees of from  62 countries worldwide. Approximately 39% of attendees travel to PAG from outside the USA, making the conference a truly global event. 73% checked "Plant" and 27% checked "Animal" as their area of interest.

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 Registration By Region 2023

USA 61%
Europe 39%
Asia 28%
Canada 12%
South and Central America 6%
Australia and New Zealand 8%
Africa and Middle East 7%
Other 1%

Exhibitor Directory

Please visit our PAG 30 Exhibitor Directory  page to see who which exhibitors attended last year.


Exhibitor Testimonials

Here's what some of our regular exhibitors have said:

This meeting is the best opportunity to reach the researchers working on non-standard model organisms. There is a strong focus on crop plants and farm animals. There is good international representation and an excellent forum for us to interact with the thought leaders in the plant and animal communities. This is the single most important meeting for the custom array programs. — Affymetrix

PAG is one of the top conferences for SeqWright. Our ability to sequence known and unknown genomes with 454 and Solid Next Generation Platforms is really appreciated by attendees in need of these services. While many of our big conferences (AACR, ASHG, ASM) are hosted in large convention centers, we actually enjoy the intimacy of the original SD convention center at the Town and Country.” — SeqWright

PAG provides a good platform to present our research advance, allows us to meet with a large portion of our current customers and gives us the opportunity to see a number of potential new customers. — Keygene

[PAG is a] great opportunity to maintain our strong connection to our customers and the pulse of cutting edge research in agriculture. The global reach of PAG is outstanding. — Illumina




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PAG 31 Archives

Thank you to all who attended PAG 31!

Archives from our 2024 conference are linked below.

PAG Future Dates

PAG 32 - January 10-15, 2025

PAG 33 - January 9-14, 2026

PAG 34 - January 8-13, 2027

San Diego, CA