International Plant & Animal Genome Conference / PAG 32 • January 10-15, 2025  •  San Diego, CA, USA

PAG30 plenary oryderDirector of Conservation Genetics, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, USA

Wednesday, January 18,  8:00 AM / Town & Country Ballroom

Talk Title: "Emerging Options for Conserving Biodiversity"

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Oliver Ryder heads a laboratory group that includes activities in the areas of conservation genetics and genomics, cell culture, and stem cell studies. His professional career has been devoted to developing and applying genetic research methods in support of endangered species conservation efforts for species held in zoos and wild populations. He is the Kleberg Endowed Director of Conservation Genetics at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Evolution, Behavior and Ecology, in the School of Biology at the University of California, San Diego.

He had been involved with San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance’s Frozen Zoo® project for over 35 years. This unique resource of cell cultures that contributed to notable scientific contributions in the field of conservation and other biological disciplines.
His record of publications covers evolutionary and population genetics, systematics, comparative genomics, endangered species population management, cytogenetics, stem cell biology, and bioethics.

His research efforts have contributed to conservation management actions for gorillas, California condors, African rhinos, Przewalski’s horses, Anegada iguanas, giant pandas, bighorn sheep, and numerous other species. His TEDx talk on YouTube introduced a current project on genetic rescue of the northern white rhinoceros.