International Plant & Animal Genome Conference / PAG 32 • January 10-15, 2025  •  San Diego, CA, USA

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The following grants will be awarded during the opening comments before the Monday morning Plenary Session: Michael D. Gale Travel Grant Award, Jerome P. Miksche Travel Grant Award, Earl J. Scherago Travel Grant Award.

All other grants will be awarded at the Closing Banquet on Tuedsay, at PAG XXIX.


Scherago International Student Travel Grants Awards


Christian Persichilli
Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
Abstract: “Looking for Genomic Adaptation in Local Mediterranean Sheep Breeds”

Eduardo E. Rodriguez

Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, USA
Abstract: “Genome-Wide Association and Gene Network Analysis of Brangus Beef Fatty Acid Composition”



Priscilla Denise Glenn
University of California, Davis, USA
Abstract:  “Identification and Characterization of a Natural Polymorphidm in FT-A2 Associated with Increased Number of Grains per Spike in Wheat”

Ashley G. Yow
North Carolina State University, Plants for Human Health Institute, NC
Abstract:  “An Improved High-Quality Genome Assembly and Annotation of Pineapple Cultivar MD2”

Atit Parajuli
Washington State University, USA
Abstract:  "Bulked Exome Capture Sequencing Identified Numerous Genetic Loci Associated with Alfalfa Growth Vigor during Self-Pollination Inbreeding"


Michael D. Gale Travel Grant Award

Maxim Messerer
Helmholtz Center Munich, German Research Center for Environmental Health (GmbH), Germany
Abstract: "A Dynamic Epigenomic Landscape in Synthetic Hybrid Wheat Establishes Stable Changes in Gene Expression"


Jerome P. Miksche Travel Grant Award

Valentin Hammoudi
Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Abstract: "Characterization of SPPiDDR, a DNA-Damage Responsive 'lncRNA'"


Earl J. Scherago Travel Grant Award

Gokhan Hacisalihoglu
Florida A&M University, USA
Abstract: "Genomics of Soybean Response to Phosphorous Stress"


Neal A. Jorgensen Genome Travel Awards


Gabriel Antonio Zayas Santiago
University of Florida, USA
Abstract:  "Identification of Breed of Origin Runs-of-Homozygosity and their Effect on Meat Traits in the Multibreed Angus-Brahman Herd"

Emory Pacht 
University of Vermont, USA
Abstract:  "Identification of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine Markers Across Four Tissues in the Cattle Brain"

Lihe Liu
University of Wisconsin - Madison, USA
"Maternal Diet Induces Persistent Epigenetic Changes in the Muscle of Beef Calves"

Emmanuel André Lozada-Soto
North Carolina State University, USA
Abstract:  "
Current State of Inbreeding, Genetic Diversity, and Selection History in All Major Breeds of U.S. Dairy Cattle"



Matthew J. Jevit
Texas A&M University, USA
Abstract:  Trio-Binning of Horse-Donkey F1 Hybrid Improves Horse and Donkey Reference Genomes.”



Ziqing Wang
University of Delaware, USA
Abstract:  "Integrative Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Study of Wooden Breast Disease In Commercial Broilers Chickens"



Morgan Stegemiller
University of Idaho, USA
Abstract:  "Comparison of US Sheep Breeds through Genotyping and Whole Genome Sequencing"



Henry Pratt
UMass Chan Medical School, USA
Evolution and Pathophysiologic Impact of Mammalian Transcription Factor Binding Sites"

Fei Zhang
Michigan State University, USA
Abstract:  "Gut Microbiota Associated with Host Feeding Behavior and Microbial Prediction of Growth And Carcass Traits in Swine"

He Yuqing
North Carolina State University, USA
Abstract: "Mapping Splice QTLs Reveals Distinct Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Regulatory Variation of Gene Expression in Pigs"



Brandi Sparling
West Virginia University,USA
"Identification of Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors in the Chicken Genome that are Associated with Disease Resistance"



Aquaculture Species Group Student and Postdoctoral Fellowship Bursaries

Jasmine Alia Richman
Washington State University, WA, USA
Abstract: “Investigating the Activin Receptor Signaling Pathway as a Key Regulator of Muscle Growth Following Whole Genome Duplication Events”

Yaamini R. Venkataraman

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA, USA
Abstract: “Polyploidy and Environmental Stress Have Distinct Impacts on Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) ctenidia methylomes”

Homère J. Alves Monteiro

Denmark Technical University, Denmark
Abstract: “How Many Parents You Got? Parental Contribution in Flat Oyster's Hatchery”

Likith Reddy Pinninti

Nord University, Norway
Abstract: “De novo Transcriptome Assembly of Lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) Brain Towards Understanding Their Social and Cognitive Behavioural Traits”