International Plant & Animal Genome Conference / PAG 32 • January 10-15, 2025  •  San Diego, CA, USA

d.ware 160USDA ARS, USA     
Wednesday, January 17, 8:45 AM / Town & Country Ballroom

Talk Title:  "Challenges and Opportunities for Agriculture in the Era of Big Data"


Dr. Doreen Ware is Molecular Biologist with the USDA ARS. She is recognized as a leader in plant genomics and bioinformatics. Over the last several years her laboratory has contributed to collaborative projects supporting genomics enabled science, with a focus on understanding genome architecture in maize and the impact on complex traits. Dr. Ware’s group has supported the development of several Cyberinfrastructure projects, supporting reference genomes, and access to computational resources. Dr. Ware serves in several leadership positions within the plants science community, and served as acting CSIO for USDA ARS from 2014-2017.

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